Thursday, 24 December 2015


A Merry Christmas to all you cavortin' Criv-ites out
there in Bloggerland.  Here's the mighty JIM REEVES
version of SILENT NIGHT, containing all three verses
of the carol, not just two, like some other renditions.

STOP!  Don't just scroll down to another post or
jump over to another blog - give this song a listen and
hear the finest vocalist of the 20th century perform this
Christmas classic better than you've ever heard before.
Merry Christmas everybody - Pax Vobiscum.


Colin Jones said...

Very nice and that's a suitably festive video. In 1997 there was a BBC2 documentary about Silent Night which revealed that the song originally had about 15 verses - I'm not joking, they played the song in its' original form and it seemed to go on forever. In 1977 it was my first Christmas in Comprehensive school and in our German lesson we had to copy out the story of Silent Night's origin from the blackboard - as it was a German lesson it would have made more sense if we'd written it out in German but we copied it in English. That 1997 documentary also revealed that the song hadn't been invented on the spur of the moment as I'd learned in '77 but it's a nice legend. Anyway, Kid, it's now officially Christmas Day so merry Christmas !!

Kid said...

It also has different versions of verses, CJ - Silent Night and Still The Night being just one example. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you.

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