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From the backyard of bygone days comes another five issues of
The SUPER-HEROES, MARVEL U.K.'s pulse-pounding periodical
from the sizzlin' '70s.  I loved this weekly mag, and the ones featured in
this series are the actual copies I purchased back in the day, not later re-
placements.  Hard to believe that I've now had these comics for over 40
years and that this title (along with its companion magazine SAVAGE
SWORD OF CONAN) was the first new Marvel weekly to be re-
leased after I'd left school and was part of the working world.

That means comics like MWOM, SMCW, The AVENGERS,
 BUZZ, and WARLORD were the last new weekly mags I bought as a
schoolkid.  I wasn't aware of this subtle distinction at the time 'though,
as life seemed like one single strand of an unravelling ball of string, not
the separate, unconnected, compartmentalized events they seem in
retrospect long after the fact.  (Wow!  Deep or what?)

As always, cavortin' Criv-ites, your comments are most welcome.

Going by the reversed '1' in the image above this one, the page was 'flipped'
before publishing (in its original  U.S. appearance as well), so I thought you
might like to see how artist JACK KIRBY first drew it.


Paul McScotty -Muir said...

I loved the concept of the Super-Heroes weekly comic but for me they used too many second string characters like Giant Man (another favourite of mine, but the stories were too dated by this time) Scarecrow, The Cat etc and even Doc Savage (no doubt to trying and cash in on the movie at the time) wasn’t great. Although I do recall a few good team up tales . Additionally the covers were at times diabolically poor. Once the Silver Surfers series ended (one of my all-time favourite characters) I lost interest as I hoped it would feature strips like the Defenders, Captain America, Captain Marvel, Ghost Rider, Team Up, Inhumans etc (even although some of these appeared in other comics) . I know you liked the early X-Men tales but I have to say I found most of these pretty dull. An opportunity missed imho.

That George Tuska drawn page is very nice what strip is that from?

Kid said...

The Tuska strip is from Astonishing Tales #8, McS. Yeah, after the Surfer departed, some of the replacement strips were a little lacklustre, but I didn't mind the Ant Man/Giant Man strips as they reminded me of Terrific (ever the nostalgist).

Paul McScotty -Muir said...

I liked Tuskas art but I always felt he was overlooked at Marvel (altohugh no doubt respected)Astonishing tales was a great comic inthe early days I have a few of these issues with Dr Doom and Ka-Zar that show hoiw you can write and draw an engaging story in 5 - 9 pages.

I got the Giant Man / Ant Man Epic collection before Xmas its well worth looking it out if (like me) your a fan of those early quirky tales.

Kid said...

I always thought Tuska was great on Iron Man - really enjoyed those tales. I've got the 2 volume hardback Masterworks of Ant Man/Giant Man, McS, but you know me - that usually doesn't stop me from getting new presentations of old comics.

Colin Jones said...

I sent off for those four smaller Planet of The Apes posters and I had the large poster too but I bought that from a shop (WH Smith's probably) - the large poster was a poster-magazine and on the other side it had loads of info about the POTA movies and TV show. And I remember those cut-out masks on the back of the weeklies - you were supposed to cut out the mask then stick it to some card but I never bothered, even at the time it seemed a bit dumb.

Kid said...

The posters never appealed to me, CJ, and the masks weren't very well drawn so there was no way I'd mutilate my comics by cutting them out. Some people have said I SHOULD wear a mask, but they're obviously just jealous of my astonishing good looks.

baab said...

John Buscema's art on Silver Surfer is the best.
Even better than Jacks.

Kid said...

I agree, Baab. When Jack first drew the Surfer, he imbued the character with grace and fluidity, but eventually his figure work became very stiff. John was the best man for the mag.

Colin Jones said...

Talking of George Tuska - he was of course the artist on Marvel's adaptation of the first POTA movie so he was the first Marvel artist I clapped eyes on when I got my first ever Marvel comic - POTA #5. But really the first Marvel artist I ever encountered was whoever drew the cover for POTA #5 and a fine cover it was too, it's still one of my favourite Marvel UK covers.

Kid said...

I'd have to see it to refresh my memory, CJ. I can't think of what was on it.

Edit: Took a look, CJ. At a wild guess, I'd say it's either by Ron Wilson or Mike Esposito. Nick Caputo would now for sure.

Nick Caputo said...

That cover I'm uncertain of. Possible Esposito inks but the pencils are a little loose to be Wilson.

Kid said...

Jason, where are ya? We need you.

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