Tuesday, 15 December 2015


As sadly reported on other sites, Spanish artist LUIS
BERMEJO ROJO died at the age of 84 on December 12th.
You'll read far more detailed tributes of the man and his career
elsewhere, but I couldn't let his passing go unmentioned.  For me,
the comic strip I most associate with him is The MISSING LINK/
JOHNNY FUTURE series from the late-'60s weekly periodical
FANTASTIC, and one consolation is that we'll still have the
man's art to enjoy, even if he himself is no longer around.

When it comes to art, "Luis is big!  Luis is strong!"
If you're not familiar with his name or his work, your time
will be richly rewarded in doing a little research.  Treasure
beyond measure awaits your discovery of it.

Luis Bermejo Rojo - August 12th 1931 -
December 12th 2015.


JESÚS DUCE said...

Luis Bermejo es uno de los más grandes autores españoles. Un maestro.
Un saludo.

Kid said...

He is indeed, sir. Thanks for commenting. Hard to believe he was only a young man in his 30s when I first discovered his artwork - it seems like only yesterday. And now, sadly, he's gone.

Paul McScotty -Muir said...

I had thought the Louis had passed away years ago as I wasnt waware he started out so young. I never relaly read Fantastic that often at the time but I have a lot of his Warren comics output (and a fair few back issues of Fantastic) which is amazing with every single panel beautify drawn. One of the best ever sad news indeed.

John Pitt said...

Some STUNNING examples of Luis'art on Jesus' blogpost here, readers!
Kid, you KNOW I loved his art!
We need that Link/JF book now more than ever!
RIP, Luis.

Kid said...

He took over from Frank Bellamy on Heros The Spartan, McS, and if anything, his artwork on that was even better than on ML/JF. A superb artist.


Thanks for the link, JP, I'm nipping over there right now to take a look. I'd certainly buy that book, and I've got the original comics.

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