Wednesday, 16 December 2015


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Here it is!  The one you've surely all been waiting for -
Volume One.  Page after pulse-pounding page of fabulous fowl-
featured fables from the earliest days of MARVEL's answer to
DONALD.  (Duck, that is, not Trump.)  Now that DISNEY
owns Marvel, a titanic team-up is not altogether impossible.

Just look at the back cover to see what's included in
this valiant volume.  Still undecided about what you'd like for
Christmas?  Then this titanic tome is surely the answer.  Relive 
Howard's earliest adventures, as you return to the sizzling '70s
and the heady days of your youth - when nothing seemed im-
possible and your dreams were only an arm's reach away.
Go on, this book belongs in your collection!


Phil said...

I need this comic. Nuff said.

Kid said...

This 'comic' isn't a comic - it's a book of comics. And yes, you do need it, Phil, but you can't have mine.

Arfon Jones said...

*opens ‘NEW TAB’ goes to Amazon...Amazon Wish List...‘ADD TO’

Unknown said...

I don't usually like funny animal strips but those early Howard strips draw me back again and again.

Kid said...

I think there may be another, related, one you'll be adding, AJ. Stay tuned.


Issue #3 is an all-time classic, CN. You'll love this book.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for alerting us to the two "Complete Collections" recently Kid. I had missed them somehow. The man-Thing appealed to me as did HTD and there are bits here I haven't got so, off I go.

Unknown said...

I still have a few of the origin early issues (1- 20) of "Howard the Duck" and "Giant size Man Thing" (What a title) with the origin and early tales . Some of them are still pretty funny some don't really translate so much now unless you get the context of the times (like us) but what a great strip this was at the time - I ve seen a few of the "Howard" revamps and have to be the "grumpy old man" and say "blahhhhh!" not a patch on the original series (imho of course). I really liked the Frank Brunner issues he outdid himself on the art in these issues.

Issue 3, is that the "Master of Quack Fu" issue by John Buscema? if so that is a really good one. The Gene Colan issues (loads of them) are also wonderful. Mmmmmmmm this could be purchased by me at the weekend.

Kid said...

Glad to be of service, Norman. Marvel are issuing some really good collections at the moment. Take a look at their Frankenstein one.


I have the first dozen issues of HTD, McS, plus reprints of a couple of the earlier tales, but there's some nice stuff in the book that I don't have. Yes, issue #3 is the 'Master of Quack Fu' tale and is a true classic.

TwoHeadedBoy said...

Just about the only Marvel comic that interests me (besides their licensed stuff like Ren & Stimpy and Beavis & Butt-Head)...

Worth reading for someone with just above zero interest in superhero comics?

Kid said...

Worth reading for issue #3 alone, THB. I think you'd really enjoy this book.

TwoHeadedBoy said...

I'll stick it on the wishlist and see what happens then!

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