Saturday, 19 December 2015


Y'know, I no longer recall if I had the 1971 WHIZZER &
CHIPS Annual when it was first issued, but it's certainly an
Annual I would've wanted.  Never mind, I've got it now and
that's what counts.  Below is the first strip in the book.

Isn't it a joy to look at pages and be able see what's happen-
ing at a glance, unlike some of the eye-straining technicolour
vomit that hurts your brain appearing in some modern 'comics' ?
What are they thinking?  Having said that, there's a cartoonist
by the name of LAURA HOWELL who draws LITTLE
PLUM in The BEANO whose style is quite nice.

Dunno if Plum still appears at the moment, but we're not
here to talk about DCT periodicals anyway.  So let's focus
on W&C and enjoy SID'S SNAKE together.

Art by MIKE LACEY - I think


Christopher Nevell said...

Lovely rich colours aren't they. Tell me Kid, we hear so much of the artists but did they script as well? Clearly some did but all of them?

TwoHeadedBoy said...

Fun fact: That same cover was used for last year's The Best of Whizzer and Chips Annual, which Sainsbury's were selling. That same strip was in it too!

I haven't seen Laura Howell's Little Plum, but Hunt Emerson's Little Plum is highly good indeed.

Kid said...

A few artists wrote their own strips, Chris, but not a lot of them. (Terry Bave and Leo Baxendale are two that spring to mind.) Artists like Ken Reid sometimes embellished the scripts they'd been given, and I believe he wrote some himself.


I've got that book as well, THB - in fact it's on the blog somewhere. I'd noticed this strip was in it, but this presentation comes from the original Annual. Maybe I was wrong about Laura Howell drawing Plum, but I thought she did. I'll check and correct it if required. (Then get accused of 'editing' my blog - as if it's a crime, eh?)

TwoHeadedBoy said...

The most heinous crime of all, ha!

As far as I know, Laura Howell does Les Pretend and possibly Ivy The Terrible...

Kid said...

Ta for that, THB. She did draw Plum at one time (I checked), although perhaps I was mistaking Hunt Emerson's pages for hers. I'll have to check. You been buying The Beano lately?

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