Tuesday, 1 December 2015


One of the more bizarre strips ever to appear in British comics was
BLACK MAX, which first saw the light of day in THUNDER in 1970.
It featured BARON VON KLORR, a WWI German air ace who had a
giant killer bat, with which he waged war against the British forces.  Not
having read any of the strips (illustrated by ALFONSO FONT) in years,
I have the impression that he at first had a battalion of bats, but I mainly
recall just a single giant 'pet'.  (I really should do some research before
I write these posts, eh?)  If anyone remembers, please let me know.

I wonder if this was one of the strips that was originally produced
for BLACKJACK, a proposed comic for which CURSITOR DOOM
and The PILLATER PERIL were intended, before ending up in the
revamped SMASH! of 1969 when Blackjack plans were abandoned?
If anyone knows, you can let me know about that as well.

In the meantime, let's read about a man who truly does have bats
in his belfry.  (Hey, I'm writing this at half-three in the morning - it's
the best I can do.  If you're not happy, write your own bad puns!)


Paul McScotty -Muir said...

I liked "Black Max" but thought the art was different to that shown here, although I may be mixing it up with "Von Hoffman’s Invasion" in Jet comic (I think) . I vividly remember a free Black Max Bat gift that was in Thunder (it wasn’t very good )

I seem to recall on a message board that there was something about that comic "Blackjack" but I can't find that at the moment if I do I’ll send a link to it.

Kid said...

The first I knew of Blackjack, McS, was when Gil Page (former editor of Smash!) mentioned it in an interview he did at my request for The Illustrated Comic Journal. However, the ICJ faded into oblivion and I sent it to Crikey!, who published it with spelling mistakes that weren't in the copy I sent them. (Geoff Champion instead of Campion, and Judge Dredd Magazine instead of Megazine, etc. - these things annoy me.) I've mentioned Blackjack before (in my Cursitor Doom posts, I think), so you may have read the name there.

Nick Mee said...

Nick (Leicester)
Massive Black Max fan from waay back in the 70s - someone please publish a book of all the strips from back then?!

Kid said...

I think Rebellion have such a book planned, NM, if memory serves. And Black Max appeared in a new story in the recent Misty & Scream Special.

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