Saturday, 14 March 2015


All images copyright MARVEL COMICS

These are a bundle of comics that have been lying around in
my room for years, having become separated from my other FFs at
some stage, for reasons unknown or forgotten.  The first eight covers
are by Big JOHN BUSCEMA, and the second eight by Rampagin'
RON FRENZ.  I purchased most of them when I lived in my previous
home, and the last two or three in my present one, but they've been in
the same pile for so long that I associate all of them with my former
abode.  None of that is of any interest to you, I'm sure, but I feel
moved to share it with you anyway - unselfish of me or what?

Right, you've got sixteen covers to work through, so what
are you waiting for - a gilt-edged invitation from STAN LEE?
Go to it, Melvin! 


John Pitt said...

I didn't have any of these and if I'd seem them I would have bought them.

Kid said...

I did see them and I did buy them, JP. Who's a clever boy?

Dunsade Dave said...

Strange era for the FF- the brief Stern/Buscema run was nice but unspectacular, and I think I might be in a minority of quite liking the pineapple Thing and the new lineup.

Kid said...

That's a fairly safe bet. DD. Personally, I thought the pineapple Thing looked dreadful. I prefer the 'dinosaur hide' Thing from FF #1. Get any good comics at yesterday's Mart?

Dunsade Dave said...

Got some 80s Marvels for 50p each, including some nice Moon Knight stuff, but my best find was a stack of Ms Tree comics. I saw some Alan Class comics at £1 each that I wish I'd got now!

Not a bad mart, not as big as the huge ones I remember at the City Halls in the mid-90s, but still a few bargains to be had and lots of nice people around.

Kid said...

I really must acquire some more Alan Class comics myself, DD. £1 each is very reasonable if they were in good nick.

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