Tuesday, 23 December 2014


Continuing our occasional series, here's a bunch of early British
MARVEL comic covers from the 1970s, to refresh your memories and
whet your appetite for Mighty Marvel weeklies from the past.  You'll have
seen these iconic images on this blog before, of course, but this is the first
time that they've been gathered together to save you the effort of hunting
them down in fits and starts.  Considerate of me or what?  I'll be blogging
right through Christmas, but some of you will no doubt be taking a break
to indulge in Bacchanalian orgies (tsk, tsk) over the Festive period, so
I'll wish you a Very Merry Christmas and a Hilariously
Happy New Year right now and I'll see you in 2015.

As for those discerning Criv-tes who'll be keeping me company
all the way through, I'll save my Season's Greetings for tomorrow
night and again on Christmas day, so I'll see you then - if not before!
So what are you waiting for?  Paste your pantin' peepers on these
pulsating piccies post-haste!  

Yeah, I know it's a monthly, but I didn't want to exclude it from the party!


karl said...

I got ALL these British weeklies when they first came out, and still have most ofr them in my collection - for me after collecting odd disparate colour American comics these were my first introduction to the superheroes of my youth. Absolute bliss.
May I wish you Kid a very MERRY CHRISTMAS and a HAPPY NEW YEAR!
Long may your blog continue, you dun good!

Kid said...

Alas, just over half of them are the originals I bought at the time of issue, Karl - the rest are replacements I acquired a few years later. Mind, I've now had them far longer than I ever had the originals, and they fill the exact same space in my memories as the first copies I owned. It's a kind of magic. And may I wish you all you wish yourself - and more!

Paul McScotty -Muir said...

Great to see all theses UK Marvel first issues on one page - I got every one of these at the time also and still have a few of them in my loft, sadly I lost Avenger issue 1 a while ago, always one of my favourites (and just love the cover) - the only first issue I was a bit disappointed in at the time was the complete Fantastic Four issue 1 ( which turned out to be a great comic) I felt the free gift (a stoopid plane!!!) and a really basic and rushed looking cover gave it a thrown together quickly look,Rampage was similar but I loved the Defenders - i'll be here till Christmas day reading so have a great Xmas to everyone that will be off line after today and have a great 2015.

Colin Jones said...

The date on SMCW No.1 was my seventh birthday and Rampage No.1 came out on my father's 50th birthday (but it's dated a week later). It's curious that the cover of The Super-Heroes No.1 has an image of the Silver Surfer that first appeared on a cover of Fantastic Four and not the cover of Silver Surfer No.1 - perhaps they thought that image looked better and they were right. And the cover of POTA No.1 was the U.S. No.2 - good thing Marvel UK didn't use the U.S. POTA No.1 cover as it's incredibly dull - just a lot of figures standing around.

Kid said...

McScotty, I felt that Complete FF's first cover was a bit naff, too. Probably because of the background colour and also the figures probably being reduced to make way for the free gift box. Why they never included a poster as a free gift, I'll never know. (Guess the planes were cheaper.)


I was just three months over twice your age when SMCW #1 came out, CJ - now the seven year difference seems like next to nothing. Strange that, eh? As for the Surfer, I think that Buscema was a better fit for Norrin's US mag, but I have to admit that the cover to #1 was incredibly stiff and stilted for a Big John drawing, so I can see why they didn't use it for The Super-Heroes.

John Pitt said...

What a brilliant gallery, - unfortunately I only had 2 of them first time around- POTA & DW, but I managed to get a few later.
Anyway, AFTER DW I did get every single Marvel UK #1 up to Complete S-MM.
I'll be popping in most days, as I don't like to miss out!

Kid said...

I think I'll pop in most days too, JP, 'cos I don't like to miss out either. (Er, that's not quite right, is it?)

baab said...

I am sitting by myself after 'her indoors' has fell into her bed,and the kids are away to sleep.
Looks like I will be santa this year.

Good to see you are getting back to your previous output standards Kid.

I have been tempted to comment on your last few posts,but feel lost for words today..

Seasons greetings to all.
Remember whatever you do,
overdo it!

Kid said...

Don't worry, Baab - there's no time limit on comments. You can do so any time when you find the words.

Have a great time over the Festive period, and if you're going to overdo it, don't overdo it too much. (Yeah, I know that makes no sense, but you know what I mean.)

John Pitt said...

What am I thinking? I missed the first 4 issues of POTA on release, but did manage to send away for back issues!
Any chance in squeezing Star Wars #1 in above DW?

Kid said...

I'll see if I can find it, JP. Check back later.

John Pitt said...

Cheers, Kid, the obsessiveness in me was saying it needed to be there!

Kid said...

Nae bother at a', JP.

Gerry said...

I got everyone except Fury. Got an occasional Warlord and Victor, wonder why I never got Fury?

Kid said...

Maybe because it was mainly sh*te? That's a wee bit harsh probably, but if you were into war stories, Warlord and Victor were better examples.

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