Saturday, 13 December 2014


In 1982, THE DAILY RECORD started running a new comic
strip - SMALL WORLD by DON ROBERTS.  I cut out the first
one they published and put it on my bedroom wall, where, over the
course of 32 years (and two houses), it has been ravaged by age
and is now faded, crinkled, and at the end of its shelf life.

However, I'm determined to preserve its image, so earlier tonight
I removed it from my wall and scanned it, removing as many of the
crinkles and age spots as I can via the aid of computer technology.
What you see above is the result of my efforts so far.  The next stage
is to 'bleach' it, then re-ink and re-colour it so that I can then print
out a new copy to take its place on the wall.  The bleached
version is below.

I'll keep you updated when I can find the time to finish what I've
started.  If, however, you have (or know where I can get) a pristine
copy of this strip somewhere, then do me a favour and let me
know, will you?  It'll save me some work.

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