Tuesday, 2 December 2014


Well, the Yuletide season is almost upon us, so let's all try
and get into the spirit of things by listening to MR. VELVET
himself, JIM REEVES, singing BING CROSBY's biggest-ever
hit - WHITE CHRISTMAS.  Won't be long now folks - I'll link
to more of Gentleman Jim's festive songs as the big day
approaches.  Aren't you lucky?! 


Anonymous said...

That's a really nice version. One of my favourite Xmas songs is 'Mary's Boy Child' - I've only heard 4 versions of it by Harry Belafonte, Boney M, Vera Lynn and Bryn Terfel but Jim Reeves would have been perfect for it.

Kid said...

Are you in luck, Col. Jim sang it too, so I'll post it for you before too long.

John Pitt said...

Got them all already! Bought an album a year or two ago ( on your recommendation). I got the one with the extra bonus tracks inçluded.
I heard one of Jim's I hadn't heard for decades the other day - " But you love me, Daddy". They actually played the wrong track by mistake. I'm glad they did.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Kid, I'll look forward to that. I'm starting to feel a bit festive - I don't bother with a tree but I've got my 50 coloured lights strung up and I've bought my chocolate Santa which I keep on display until Christmas morning when I finally scoff it. I was in Tesco's this morning and the woman at the checkout gave me a boiled sweet - the season of good will has arrived !! Hopefully you'll be able to put up your two trees (see, I read your old posts) and other decorations as normal ?

Kid said...

But you love me, Daddy - it shouldn't work, but it does, JP. I've also got the demo track with a woman (I think) filling what became young Steve Moore's part.


The two trees will be going up as usual, CJ. One or two little ornaments may be missed out this year, as I can't recall which box I put them in. Hopefully I'll find them in time 'though.

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