Monday, 17 February 2014


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"NOW WITH CAPTAIN AMERICA!" said the banner on the
cover of The MIGHTY THOR #11.  Big deal!  Big mistake!  Not that I've
got anything against Cap, mind you.  Had it been the KIRBY adventures, I
wouldn't have minded, but the tales reprinted were nothing special - IRON
MAN would've been a better fit.  Anyway, Cap disappeared when Thor
and its companion mag, The ORIGINAL X-MEN, were merged
together nine issues later.

And guess what, you lucky peeps?  We'll be looking at the covers from
that combined title in an upcoming post, so keep your eyes peeled!


John Pitt said...

Either Cap or Iron Man - both work for me , in fact all 3 go together nicely ( the Titans digest AND panini ). The trouble with Cap is just WHERE do you start the reprints from ? TOS? Atlas? Timely?

Colin Jones said...

It's curious how these '80s UK Marvel comics never used the word "Marvel" on them - I suppose that was all part of the attempt to de-Americanise them. I don't understand why Thor was featuring 10 year-old stories though - was there really nothing newer for the first UK comic devoted to Thor? For me the most memorable Thor story was in 1980 when the U.S. comic from #294-300 became a sort of adaptation of Wagner's Ring Cycle operas, I was gripped by it but typically I couldn't get #300 so I never saw how it ended!

Kid said...

I'd have started them from the TOS issues, JP. The '40s tales are too dated, and the ones from the '50s were ignored (to begin with, then retroactively 'explained away') by Stan & Jack when Cap was revived in the '60s.


I think they were aiming the comics at a younger age-group than those Roy Thomas tales, Col. I've still got the series you mention, but I found it a bit of a grind at the time, to be honest. Must re-read it one day.

Paul McScotty -Muir said...

I would have kept Kirbys version of Thor in this comic rather than only for the first few issues (as I think you said was the case) I would have started the strip from around the time of the Mangog storyline (issue 150 ish) as to me that was Kirby at his best and was the start of an amazing run - I would also have had Capt America from the John Romita (snr) issues - Romita was amazing on Captain America (as was Sal Busema's run.....mostly)

Kid said...

McScotty, I'd have loved to see the tales from the very start - JIM #83. I think they'd have suited the age-group they seemed to be aiming at. Failing that, the classic Thor versus Hercules tales, where Odin halves Thor's power, resulting in him getting a kicking from Herc.

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