Saturday, 22 February 2014


A shorter than usual MIGHTY WORLD OF MARVEL cover gallery
this time around, I'm afraid. That's because I need to scan some more issues
before I can present them for your eager appreciation, which I intend do to at
the earliest opportunity. Number 53 was the first birthday issue, while #54
was the last issue to have 40 pages, reducing to a meagre 32 with the very
next edition.

Sadly, the best days of MWOM were behind it (although it made a slight
recovery around '74 or '75), so savour these images from a time when the
title yet retained a glimmer of the Mighty Marvel Magic it had once
contained in abundance.   


Colin Jones said...

I didn't discover Marvel until November '74 so I missed all the early stuff - I had a friend called Carl,who I met in 1975,and his kitchen cupboard was stuffed full of comics from this time but Carl was a moody and childish sod and would rarely let me look at them,I think he enjoyed torturing me! That picture of the Watcher was on The Peerless Power of Comics blog last Monday and I left a comment saying it would make a great poster (Comicsfan agreed) and lo and behold it was a pin-up 40 years previously. That picture of the Hulk holding a birthday cake imagines a time when there'd be so many candles he wouldn't be able to hold up the cake - little did they know it would last another 5 years before being replaced by the dire Marvel comic.

Kid said...

You missed the comic at its finest, Col, because the early issues were the best. It's a shame they couldn't have kept it the same throughout its lifespan.

John Pitt said...

I too will have missed it at its finest , as the first issue I bought was when POTA joined it. I don't think I bought any more after Dracula Lives finished until the glorious Volume 2.

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