Wednesday, 12 February 2014


Just about everyone knows LOVE ME TENDER by PELVIS
PARSLEY (or whatever his name is), but did you know that the tune
originally belonged to a 19th century song called AURA LEE? Here's
Mr VELVET himself, JIM REEVES, singing it live sometime back in the
1950s (I think) on some show or other. This clip looks as if it's been filmed
directly from the TV broadcast, so the quality of sound and vision isn't
great, but it's interesting to hear the original version of the song.


John Pitt said...

That figures , as Elvis himself was a fan of Jim.

Kid said...

Apparently, when Elvis was due to sing Blue Moon on the Louisiana Hayride back in the '50s, he was too nervous to go out on stage and sing so Jim pushed him on. Who knows what might have happened if he hadn't, eh?

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