Thursday, 6 February 2014


I've been moving stuff in one of my rooms recently, and only
just noticed this completely inadvertent, unstaged comic scenario:
namely, The DALEKS listening intently to the words of their Em-
peror - PETER RABBIT!  Let's have a caption competition.  I'll
start off with "I've just invented this sonic carrot with which
we shall defeat the Doctor!  The future is orange!"

Just thought of another one:  "Okay, Daleks - to the tune of 
'Old MacDonald had a Farm' - sing up at the back now..."

And another:  "Okay, I'll choose who's going for the
chips - eeny-meeny-miny-mo..."

Yeah, I know - rubbish.  Okay, all you budding script-
writers - leave your hilarious attempts in the comments
section.  "Or you will be exterminated!"


Colin Jones said...

The Daleks are thinking: "Wow, this new Doctor looks different!"

DeadSpiderEye said...

The new emperor has some good ideas about cultivating lettuce but there's no way you can get me to eat those bumbles.

Colin Jones said...

Oh sorry, I didn't realise all the captions were supposed to be about him being Dalek emperor, I thought we could say whatever we wanted.It would help if I took more notice of what was written!I'll never be one of the country's top comedians that's for sure!

Kid said...

They only have to be funny, Colin - and relevant to the photo. If Peter not being Emperor doesn't suit your purpose then that's okay.

Colin Jones said...

Thanks Kid, I'll have one more go - Peter is saying: "If you think I'M evil wait till you meet Jemima Puddleduck !"

Kid said...

Oo-er - now I'm feeling guilty for not offering a prize. Consider yourself 'no-prized', Colin - you as well, DSE.

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