Tuesday, 12 November 2013


Way back in 1986, The CITY Of EDINBURGH
staged an exhibition entitled 'THUNDERBIRDS ARE GO!'
Unfortunately, I never managed through to Edinburgh to see it,
but I bought the catalogue from a visiting double-decker bus
or van promoting various upcoming events staged by
different Councils throughout Scotland. 
Anyway, being a generous fellow, I thought I'd share its
pages with you here.  Just look at that great STEVE KYTE
and GRAHAM BLEATHMAN artwork.  Superb!


B Smith said...

I did love those Thunderbirds/Anderson calendars David Nightingale published in the mid to late 1980s - they came across as real labours of love.

baab said...

I was surprised to read that Space 1999 was considered to be a flop here in the u.k.
In my child's mind I thought it was a massive hit.
Saturday morning kids t.v. was the place to be surely?

Terrahawks reminds me of unhappy sundays and boiled chicken.
Not very good,'Terrable.'

Journey to the Far Side of the Sun is the alternative title to Doppelganger.
I went looking for it on the web,easy to find.
I will be watching this,I like the idea.

The Protectors was enjoyable International fun fare,I did not know of Gerry Anderson's involvement.

Captain Scarlet and Joe 90 were wonderful.
The opening titles alone,especially Joe 90,are original and creative.

Kid said...

Indeed, they did, B. A more recent (relatively speaking) calender I thought was a belter (I don't think it was by David Nightingale, but I may be wrong) was the Captain Scarlet one, featuring the Ronald Embleton end-credit illustrations.


I must confess to never being a big fan of Space 1999, Baab. It just didn't grab me. The thing I remember about Terrahawks is that Zelda was a ringer for Sylvia Anderson (who had nothing to do with the programme as she and Gerry had divorced by then), Windsor Davies' voice, and two floating robots.

Although he doesn't mention it much in his autobiography, Robert Vaughn was reputed to have hated his time on The Protectors. Didn't like Gerry Anderson much, apparently - or so it's been alleged.

TwoHeadedBoy said...

Never heard of Secret Service, somehow - those puppets are shockingly realistic, I had to make the picture bigger just to be sure.

As for that final big picture... It's now my desktop background, cheers!

Kid said...

I'd heard of Secret Service, but not until much later (not at the time) as it was never shown in Scotland for some reason. The bigwigs maybe thought it was crap.

If you're looking for great desktops, THB, visit the Dalek site in my blog list - there are some right belters.

tongalad said...

I had managed to forget the terriblehawks!!! thanks for reminding me!

Kid said...

I did this post just for you, Tongalad. (He lied.)

Wayne Thompson said...

Back in the 60s i was totally captured by Supercar, Fireball, stingray etc. Childrens Tv now doesn't even come close to those great creations Of Gerry Anderson and his crew of talented people.

Kid said...

Too true, Wayne. We really were living in a golden age.

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