Tuesday, 19 November 2013


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SPIDER-MAN COMICS WEEKLY was a slightly odd name
when you think about it.  As well as being a bit of a mouthful, two of the
words were redundant.  We knew it was a comic that came out weekly, so
why labour the point?  AVENGERS mag wasn't called The AVENGERS
COMICS WEEKLY, neither were any other U.K. titles similarly named.
True, in 1979, when DEZ SKINN grasped the editorial reins, MWOM
and SMCW were renamed MARVEL COMIC and SPIDER-MAN
COMIC, and HULK COMIC popped up featuring ol' Jade Jaws
not too long after, but at least the names were consistent.

Looking at the black, white and grey pages below, you may be
wondering why I've been critical of them in previous posts, but I've
cleaned and brightened up these pages for their presentation here, so
they actually look better than in the published issues.  'Though it's not
so much the tones that I objected to, but the printing quality, which
rendered them muddy, murky and completely unattractive.

The TALES Of ASGARD pages from #25 don't seem so bad,
and had they been printed in a U.S. b&w monthly mag, they would've
looked far better.  After all, it was the same team who applied the tones
to the British mags as the American ones (which were softer on the eye)
so it's fairly obvious it was the cheaper printing on the U.K. titles that
let them down, not the application of the tones themselves.

Eventually, Marvel got things sorted out and, for a while at least,
managed to subdue the tones somewhat, before eventually doing away
with them altogether.  When they did work, they worked well, but, as a
glance through various back issues attests, too often they didn't work at
all.  Never mind 'though, they're now part of history and, to many who
grew up in the '70s, these grey-toned tales are meant to look that
way.  Are you one?  Then who am I to say thee nay?!


Christopher Nevell said...

Your going to laugh but when I first heard of SMCW & MWOM I thought they were another two comics on top of Spider-Man Comics Weekly & Mighty World of Marvel

Kid said...

An easy enough mistake to make I'm sure, Chris. Not only were the titles long-winded, so were the abbreviations.

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