Tuesday, 12 November 2013



You're looking at the final eight covers in our three-part DOCTOR
WHO cover gallery.  This was a title published by MARVEL U.S. in
the mid-'80s, featuring coloured reprints of comic strips from Marvel
U.K.'s black and white mag devoted to the 'Guardian from Galifrey'.
The American version only lasted 23 monthly issues, the British title
is still going strong, now published by PANINI.

So tell me - are you looking forward to the 50th Anniversary
programme on the 23rd of this month?  I know I am!  However,
I'm also hoping it isn't a huge disappointment like so many recent
episodes of the BBC programme have been.  Let's hope it truly
is a worthy addition to the legend that is Doctor Who!

The logo below was used as the back cover on several issues,
when not featuring an ad or pin-up illustration.


Steven Docker said...

Looking forward to the 50th anniversary special? Yes. Expecting it to be a bit of a disappointment? Yes. Hoping that I'm dead wrong. Yes. The problem is it has been so over-hyped and every time that happens the relevant episode always seems like an anti-climax. However, if it is as good as The Snowmen was on Christmas day then I'll be happy.


Kid said...

Thing is, 'cos it's in its 50th year, I'm expecting something that will outdo anything ever done before - and that's a pretty tall order. Here's hoping 'though.

DeadSpiderEye said...

I quite like the recent episodes but I dropped telly altogether and I've only seen 'em recently. They had things like acting and plot that quite impressed me, there were a few weak ones, Nightmare in Silver and Victory of the Daleks are probably the ones I'd cite. But on the whole I was impressed, especially with the move to more cinematic direction and photography. I was really unimpressed with the Ecclstone/Tennent Who, in fact I might have been moved to destroy an old tv set with a hammer on one occasion.

Getting back to the comics, it's interesting for me because although I appreciated, Dave Gibbons skill, I was never a fan while he was at 2000ad he upped his game for DHW and he completely ripped a hole in the fabric space/time with his magnus opus Watchmen.

Kid said...

And not only that, DSE - Dave Gibbons is an ace letterer, too.

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