Tuesday, 26 November 2013


Be honest - you thought I'd forgotten, didn't you?  But no, never
fear - here, at last, is the next instalment of DALEKS sweet cigarette
cards by confectionery manufacturer CADET, released back in the
1960s when DALEKMANIA was still reverberating around the
cosmos.  (Well, Britain anyway.)

You've now seen 35 out of 50, which leaves only 15 of
them still to go.  So keep your eyes peeled - they'll turn up
when you least expect 'em - promise!


John Pitt said...

Yes I did. And I've been waiting SO patiently!

Kid said...

And isn't it great when one's patience is rewarded, eh, JP?

Timmy Griffin said...

Lovely to see again, and many thanks for taking the trouble and effort to let guys have another look at this story but where is section 3 - cards 11-15?
it would be great to see the entire story again.
I do appreciate your work.WA

Kid said...

They're in part 3, TG. Simply type it into the Blogger search box (preceded by Cadet Daleks Sweet Cigarette Cards, of course) at the top left-hand side of my home page. I appreciate your appreciation.

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