Friday, 24 February 2017



This image is getting to be a familiar sight on CRIVENS!,
but hey - what a belter, right?  I only bought the first issue of the
regular 2015 DYNAMITE comicbook because of ALEX ROSS's
'homage' to JOE KUBERT's original 1975 DC COMICS cover,
but I recently acquired the collected edition of the six-part series
and it was a nice little read.  I felt I'd just picked up from where
I'd left off back in the '70s when I was a teenager.

There's a couple of instances where the letterer has skipped
a word, which requires re-reading to catch the meaning, and the
art has some minor problems where cars (very nicely rendered)
and people aren't always proportionate size-wise, but all-in-all, if
you're a fan of pulp heroes in general and The AVENGER in
particular, then you'll enjoy this softcover volume.

Check out your local comicbook store, where you're sure
to find a copy of this book sitting on the shelves.  Remember
to pay for it before you leave though, as it's always embarrassing
being rugby-tackled on your way out the door when you've for-
gotten to hand over your cash. I wonder how long it'll be 'til
HOLLYWOOD sees the potential in this property for a
big-budget movie?  We'll see.

Incidentally, I'd put a clear protective cover on the book
not long before scanning, which slightly reflects the scanner's
light.  Hopefully, it doesn't impair your visual enjoyment, but
I wasn't going to risk damaging the book by taking it off and
putting it on again.  (I knew you'd understand.)


Graham said...

I only picked up the 70's DC series back in the day. It was pretty interesting, but really didn't get a chance to get kicked off before it was cancelled. Will have to track this one down. I picked up a bunch of the 70's era paperbacks on ebay a few years ago, too.

Kid said...

As you'll know, G, there were only four issues of the DC series - but a fifth was intended. I know that because the 'Next issue on sale on...' (followed by the date) was removed at the last moment before printing. There was a text page that ended with 'See you next issue', but that was obviously missed, otherwise they'd have removed that line as well.

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