Tuesday, 15 November 2016


Images copyright MARVEL COMICS

I'll keep this short, 'cos if you hurry, you may still have time
to race around to your nearest comicbook store and purchase
this great one-shot comic.  It has a brand-new story, plus reprints
of Dr. STRANGE's debut and origin (two separate tales), and
you'll absolutely love it, hug it, and call it 'George'.  (Don't
worry about me - the meds will kick in soon.)


Philip Crawley said...

Another one to add to the (way more product than cash) list! Also, I get the Warner Bros cartoon reference, "George". Good to know that someone still remembers these classics. They have all but disappeared from the pop culture landscape with the GCI animation 'norm' that we have now.

Kid said...

Those were the days when cartoons had more of 'art' about them, PC, and less of 'science'. Which is not to say that a lot of today's 'animation' isn't good ('cos it is), but the main technology involved back in 'our day' was a camera.

moonmando said...

I enjoyed reading my gifted copy and have duly passed it on to my son.
Excelsior Kid!

Kid said...

Funnily enough, Moony, that gifted copy was generously gifted to me, before I duly passed it on to you, so it'll be interesting to see who it ends up with after your son has read it. Ask Scott to leave a comment saying what he thinks of it.

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