Monday, 28 November 2016


Continuing the theme of the previous two posts, here's
another earlier one which might add some clarity to the
topic.  (Then again, it might not - so no promises.)


Returning to an oft-repeated theme on this blog which I've
probably battered to death - that of memories and associations.
Take the above EP record as an example.  ("Don't want it!" you
contemptuously reply.)  I got it at an Autumn or Christmas Fayre in
1981/'82, held by the church at the top of the street and across the
road from the house I'd lived in from 1965-'72.  Note I said by and
not in.  That's because the fayre (let's call a spade a spade - jumble
sale) was held in my old primary school at the foot of the street,
primarily (no pun intended) because it had more space to ac-
commodate the aspirations of the event's organisers.

So, to hopefully helpfully reiterate:  I obtained the record
while living in my current home, from my old primary school
in the same street as my former house.  That would explain why,
whenever I look at it, I associate it with the area where I acquired
it, but - so strong is the link, that I also associate it with my old
room and can actually 'see' it there in my mind's eye as plain
as day, in some kind of 'false memory'.  Weird, eh?

"Ah, that's easy to explain!" you proclaim.  "You associate
the record with your old school and you associate your old
school with your old house, so it's only natural that you'd con-
nect the record to the house, too!"  And doubtless you're right.
However, it's still an odd feeling to have what appears to be a
memory of something that was never actually so.  Anyone
have any similar instances they'd care to share?

Go on - we won't laugh.  Promise.


Phil S said...

My sister in law wanted to call her kid Pooh. We told her , in America Pooh means something different to most people when you say it.

Kid said...

It means the same thing in Britain, PS, 'though it's usually just spelt 'poo' without the 'h'.

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