Saturday, 12 November 2016


Images copyright DC COMICS

A double-spread spectacular splash page by JACK KIRBY
for your appreciation, peeps.  MIKE ROYER supplied the inks,
and readers experienced the comics equivalent of a wide-screen 
movie image - something that the 'King' excelled at.  I've applied
a little computer 'magic' to disguise the gutter between the
two pages, so lap it up, Criv-ites - this one's for you!


Colin Jones said...

No matter how terrible the catastrophe...the statue of liberty will survive intact :D

Kid said...

Dunno about 'intact'. CJ. Going by the angle it's leaning at, I'd say it's been broken off its base.

John Pitt said...

Ah yes! - Definitely was a beauty, seen here better than ever before!
Page one saw Kamandi, rowing a boat in the floodwater. He turned a corner, we turned the page and this is the sight that met his eyes!
BTW, is Kamandi related to Ka-Zar?

Kid said...

Yes, JP, Kamandi IS related to Ka-Zar - by virtue of both having been drawn by Jack Kirby.

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