Monday, 7 November 2016


Image copyright MARVEL COMICS

For those of you didn't dash out and buy The CHAMPIONS
Masterworks volume when I recommended it a while back, you
now have another chance to re-read a little piece of history.  This
cardboard covered Special contains #s 1-3 of the original series,
plus #s 14 & 15.  This will, this will rock you - buy today!


Phil S said...

Poor Angel. His 70s costumes were the worst.

Philip Crawley said...

Is there somewhere online a release schedule from Marvel for these? Seems like I've been waiting forever for the Silver Surfer vol 2 (first 18 issues as a solo title) with
vols 1 and 3 already out there. Be nice to know when (or if?!) they'll ever get around
to publishing vol 2. Having them all in a single volume and in colour would be a treat!

Kid said...

Poor Angel indeed, PS. You'd think that with all his money he could afford a decent designer, too.


Try the Marvel link in my bloglist, PC - it usually has all the upcoming releases listed. I'm waiting for that volume myself, even 'though I've already got the Omnibus and Masterworks editions.

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