Saturday, 12 November 2016


Image copyright MARVEL COMICS

In case you've been living in Limbo for a while, there's a
great blog called MARVEL In The SILVER AGE (which
you can all access by clicking on the above name), written by
writer, editor, and all-round good guy ALAN McKENZIE,
who, among his many other accomplishments, served a term
as THARG The MIGHTY on cult comic 2000 A.D.
(He was also the best editor I ever worked with.)

Al kindly invited me to write a guest post for him, so
how could I refuse such a compliment?  (He sure knows
talent when he sees it.)  So pop over to Al's blog to read my
humble efforts, and while you're there, browse through the
archives and treat yourselves to well-researched, percep-
tive, quality writing on SILVER AGE MARVEL and
other associated subjects.  Race you there!


Colin Jones said...

Interesting piece, Kid. When I first read those early Dr. Strange stories I never even noticed he looked oriental !

Kid said...

Do me a favour if you'd be so good, CJ. As the post is on Al's blog, leave a comment over there as well, will you? I wouldn't want him to feel neglected after all his hard work in bringing the post to life.

Colin Jones said...

OK, just done it.

Kid said...

Good man.

John Pitt said...

Doh! - Don't know how I've missed this blog!?

Kid said...

You obviously haven't been paying attention, JP. Tsk, tsk.

moonmando said...

Slanty eyed and yellow complexion. If only we could state the bleeding obvious nowadays instead of having to bow down to political correctness,at every turn.
Oh,and comment left in your excellent guest article left in Marvel in the Silver ages blog.

Kid said...

You know, Moony, when I see it written down, 'slanty-eyed' does sound a little dismissive, although I know you don't mean it that way - nor, no doubt, do most people who use that expression. Scots have a tendency to shorten certain words for convenience, and some people might regard those shortcuts as 'offensive', but words such as 'paki' and 'chinky' are merely abridgements. When someone says "I'm going down to the pakis" they merely mean the Pakistani newsagents or grocery store, and when they say "I'm going to have a chinky tonight" it's only a colloquial way of saying that they're going to have a Chinese meal. Thing is, of course, we have to bear in mind that some Pakistanis and Chinese might take offense even when none is intended, and it's not necessarily a bad thing to consider the feelings of others. You know all this of course, so the preceding wasn't for your benefit, but for those who might be inclined to take offense. Political correctness has gone overboard 'though, you're certainly right about that.

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