Friday, 4 November 2016


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Believe it or not, Ripley, there are three main differences (not
including the colouring) between these two versions of the
same page.  Can you spot what they are, frantic ones?  Go to it!

And here's a side-by-side comparison to help you out a bit.

Update:  Okay, you've all had enough time, so here's the
list of differences.  The recoloured page was re-created from
the reprint (below) of Thor's origin in #158, as the original proofs
of JOURNEY Into Mystery #83 had been mislaid.  As you can
see, the logo protrudes over the border in the original, but not in the
reprint, Thor's dialogue balloon has been relettered or retouched (or
both), and DON BLAKE's cane arm extends further from his body.
Those are the three main differences, but there are others:  The story
number at the bottom of the page and the corner page number have
been deleted, and the 'energy' lines around Thor's hammer (under
'and the', and above the first panel) are slightly different.  Luckily,
superior proofs of the original tale were rediscovered and
utilsed for most future printings (but not always).


Andrew May said...

I can only see one difference - Don Blake is less skinny in the bottom left panel of the new version. Look forward to hearing what the other two are!

Kid said...

Strictly speaking, AM, he's just as skinny, it's just that his arm has been 'extended' to accentuate his limp. However, I know what you meant - the figure takes up more space, width-wise.

John Pitt said...

All I can say is that the new version is three-dimensional ( the circles on Thor's tunic protrude, rather than the flat, part-of-the fabric look of the earlier picture ) ?

Colin Jones said...

There are no differences. Andrew, I'm glad to see you're still alive but why has your blog come to a shuddering halt ?

Kid said...

Nope, that's an effect of the new colouring, JP. Like I said, I'm not including the colouring.


I can only assume you're looking at the pictures on your 'phone, CJ, to come out with such an assured-but-mistaken statement. Actually, there are more than three differences, but some of them are fairly trivial so I'm not including them.

dangermash said...

Some of Thor's hair that used to be behind the left hand cape strap is now in front of it!

Kid said...

Nope, that's a colour-thingie. Ignore the difference in colouring (for the third time).

Andrew May said...

I'm not sure what the blog etiquette is if another commenter strays wildly off topic with a question directed at me personally. Should I be rude to Colin and ignore his question, or rude to Kid and hijack his blog? I think I'll do the latter, since Kid can always choose not to publish this comment (although of course he's much too nice to do that).

Actually Colin knows the answer to his question, since I said several months ago that I was on the point of giving up the blog because it's such an effort to keep it up. Then I started work on a new book, on pretty much the same subject as the blog, so I decided to keep going long enough to plug the book when it came out. Now that I've done that the blog's gone on hiatus - though it might be back when I'm in a position to plug my next book (which is in the works, but under a publisher's embargo on telling anyone anything about it).

Just to satisfy my conscience, I'll now try to get back on topic by mentioning another difference (though a very trivial one). Thor's speech balloon attaches to the second helmet feather above his cape in the original, and the first feather in the new version!

Kid said...

I did wonder why CJ simply hadn't gone to your blog, AM, and asked his question there, simply because it's the most direct way to contact you, but I'm not strict about staying 'on-topic' anyway, as long as the commenters are enjoying themselves and getting along with one another. I missed you saying you were thinking about giving up your blog, but I've been a bit lax in visiting of late. My bad, as they say. As for the balloon, it's not in the exact same position anyway, as more of it touches his cape in the recoloured version than in the original. It's either been completely relettered, or it's a combination of retouching a faded photostat, with relettering in places. So the balloon IS one of the differences.

John Pitt said...

I can see now they've all been pointed out to me, but I would never have got any of them!
I should have gone to Specsavers first!

Kid said...

I don't know why, but such things always jump off the page at me, JP.

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