Thursday, 15 September 2016


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"Kid Robson is a tall, handsome, articulate, windswept
and interesting Scotsman who is easily the best lettering artist
ever to work in comics.  And he also wears lovely trousers!" are
words that you won't see in STEVE MacMANUS's new book,
'The MIGHTY ONE'.   Stevie Mac was the editor of 2000 A.D.
who offered me work at a Glasgow comic mart in 1984, and is
therefore the man responsible for unleashing me on the
world of U.K. comics for 15 years (so blame him).

I acquired the book in Glasgow today and began read-
ing it on the journey home, starting at the chapter relating the
events of Steve's working life in 1985, as that's when I began my
freelancing lettering career for 2000 A.D.  I've now worked my
way through the beginning and have only a few middle chapters
to go.  It's an engaging enough read, but I think it'll be of more
interest to former and current comics pros, and avid (but
ever-dwindling) 2000 A.D. fans than casual readers.

Comics editors aren't generally well-known outside of
professional circles, so Steve's name alone probably won't
be a huge draw (yeah, I know - nor would mine), but his associ-
ation with 2000 A.D. will be sure to attract some attention, and
he certainly deserves a nod of recognition for his many years
of dedicated service to British comics after all this time.

Surprisingly, only six pages into the first chapter, Steve
mistakenly identifies LEO BAXENDALE as the creator of
DENNIS The MENACE, when, as every true fan knows, it
was writer IAN CHISOLM and artist DAVEY LAW.  Some-
 times even editors need an editor - that right, Steve?  (Hey,
I'd have been happy to do it - and for nothing too!)

Don't let that put you off 'though.  If you're a 2000 A.D.
fan, you're sure to enjoy the backstory to 'The Galaxy's
Greatest Comic!'  Buy a copy today - only £9.99


Steve relates a tale about meeting someone who showed
him lettering samples at Glasgow's The ROYAL STUART
HOTEL in 1982.  However, that was me, and it took place in
The MITCHEL LIBRARY (MOIR HALL) in October of '84.
Unless, of course, the same conversation occurred on two
different occasions, but I'd consider it unlikely.


Phil S said...


Kid said...

H'mm - now where have I read that before?

B Smith said...

Hang on - you are still a tall, handsome, articulate, windswept and interesting Scotsman who is easily the best lettering artist
ever to work in comics...aren't you?

(I shan't make any guesses about the trousers)

Kid said...

Well, modesty forbids, BS - modesty forbids...

John Pitt said...

I've got a letter from "Tharg" somewhere, thanking me, but politely informing me that they don't need any more Dredd stories! 30 - odd years later and they still don't need any!

Kid said...

I've got an autographed photo of Tharg, dedicated to "a great letterer, a fine Scotsman". Yes, it was ME he meant, surprisingly. (Flattery or raise the page rate - what would YOU have done?)

John Pitt said...

I think I've seen it. I think you've shown us on the blog?

Kid said...

Yup, on a post about 2000 A.D.'s 35th birthday, I think.

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