Monday, 7 December 2015


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Thought I'd forgotten, didn't you?  No way!
So here are another six BATMAN cards from the
days of the 1966 TV series.  Looking at them, I feel
as if I'm only 7 years old again.  Do you remember
them?  Then share your recollections in the
comments section, frantic ones. 


TC said...

As I recall, the cards were included in bubble gum and/or chewing gum packs. I never chewed gum (yuck!), but my elder cousins did, and I received some of these Batman cards (and a few years later, some Planet of the Apes cards) as hand-me-downs.

I had "To the Batcave" and "Robin in Peril." Also some with the Joker, Penguin, and Catwoman. I think those three villains were all in a serial (in the text on back of the cards) involving a stolen secret formula. I may have mentioned that in a previous post about the Topps cards.

Obviously, the cards were intended to cash in on the popular TV show, but some of the designs (including Catwoman's costume) were based more on the original comic books. "To the Batcave" shows Batman & Robin using the entrance behind the clock, instead of the TV series' "batpoles."

The cards and the comic books were not as campy (not intentionally, anyway) as the
TV series and the 1966 movie, but most kids back then (myself included) did not notice the difference.

Kid said...

I myself have never partaken of that particular item of confectionery, TC, and regard it in all its forms as one of the most disgusting things ever invented. However, I bought the Batman and The Champions cards, giving or throwing away the accompanying gross product. I no longer have the original Batman cards - these ones are the 1989 deluxe reissue, which I think are slightly larger and are printed on better stock.

Colin Jones said...

TC mentioned the Planet Of The Apes bubble-gum cards - there were 50 to collect and I had all 50. All my schoolfriends collected them in the first few months of 1975 - did you have any, Kid ?

Kid said...

Nah, the TV series wasn't broadcast in Scotland, CJ, so I wouldn't even have been aware of the cards. Besides, my aversion to the accompanying product had increased by this point to the extent that I wouldn't have wanted anything associated with it.

Phil said...

Was this Wally Wood art?

Kid said...

Bob Powell is the artist usually credited, Phil, but Wally Wood had a hand in the Mars Attacks cards, which Powell was also involved in. It's always possible that Woody helped out on the Batman cards in an uncredited capacity of some kind, I suppose.

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