Saturday, 5 December 2015


Back around 1970 or '71, I saw a WADE YOGI BEAR
in the window of a shop called STANLEY'S STORES.  It still
bore the pre-decimal price of 1/11d, so it's always possible it was
1969, but what's a year or two over a 45 year period?  Anyway,
long story short, I bought it, and that's the very one you see
in the above photo.  Yup, still got it after all this time.

In fact, I've now got three Yogis, as I bought another two
on eBay a couple of years or so apart.  It's usually listed as
'rare', but there's always loads of them on sale anytime I look, so
I'd take that with a pinch of salt.  Apparently, its catalogue price
is around £80 (unboxed), but I got my second one for £25.
The third one I did pay £80  for, but it had the box.

A few years ago, I decided I wanted the other two in the
set - HUCK and Mr. JINKS - so I acquired them at a very
nice price.  I'm so chuffed with them, I thought I'd share them
with you here.  I've shown Yogi on his own before, but this is the
first time with his two pals.  These figures first came out in 1962
or '63, so regard any other year of origin you read as widely
inaccurate.  (Some sellers date them from the '50s.)

I had my original box for a couple of years after buying
the item, but the corners had split and I'd repaired them with
Sellotape.  Huge mistake. The tape gradually yellowed and then
shrank, and when I tried to remove it, I damaged the box and so
discarded it.  I recall it from the last year in my old house and the
first year in my new one, which is strange for my memories of
something to be equally divided between homes.  You can
imagine how happy I was to eventually replace it.

Anyway, too much verbosity for two photos, so I'll
shut up now.  Enjoy the view of Yogi and his chums.


Rip Jagger said...

Charming! I loved this kind of stuff when I stumble across it at Flea Markets and such. I don't collect it though, I might if I had such a neat personal connection. I've been watching vintage Batman TV lately and it brings to mind a plate my grandmother had which featured Batman and Robin as they appear in the animated titles of that show. My siblings and I vied to get to use that one when we went there, which was quite often. When my grandmother passed, I wanted that plate but it was long gone into the mists of time. But I still remember.

Rip Off

Kid said...

That's a shame about the plate, Rip. I hope you discover its twin one day soon (for a reasonable price), and are reunited with such a cool reminder of your grandmother and your youth. Memories somehow seem closer and clearer when there's a tangible reminder of them.

Colin Jones said...

Kid, if the corners of the box were split you should have repaired them with some glue. Will you be featuring any Christmas songs this year or will we have to look on YouTube ourselves ?

Kid said...

Wouldn't have worked, CJ. It was only the paper covering the box that held the corners together, so the edges of each corner didn't connect in such a way that would've given glue any purchase. Besides, back then, glues also discoloured over time, and there wasn't the range of options there is now.

Haven't decided on whether to feature Christmas songs yet.

DeadSpiderEye said...

Pearl glue, that's what you wanna use to stick it.

Kid said...

Nah, DSE, that's for furniture and would show up on paper or card. Besides, like I said, the edges of the box didn't meet in such a way that allowed enough contact for one edge to stick to the other. The box lid was card covered with paper which folded over inside the lid, and it was the paper stuck to the card which held it together. What I should have done was put the tape inside the lid where it wouldn't have been seen, but hey - I was only around 12 or 13 at the time.

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