Wednesday, 23 December 2015


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Two for the price of one this time around, chums!  That's because,
although CAPTAIN BRITAIN #12 (above) was the 'Christmas issue'
(it went on sale on December 22nd), the one I associate with the season
is #10 (below) - mainly because the snow lay 'round about (deep and
crisp and even - which, incidentally, is just the way Good King
Wenceslas likes his pizzas) on the day I bought it.

The snow may still have been around when I bought #12, but to
be honest, I no longer recall.  The cover of #10 just seemed to make
more of an impression on me for some odd reason.  I'm gob-smacked at
the realization that these comics are 39 years old.  It seems like only
yesterday when I first purchased them.  Ooh, scary!


Colin Jones said...

And the back of the festive issue had that picture of CB surrounded by all the other Marvel characters including an ape because POTA was still around (just). 1976 was probably my favourite childhood Christmas (I was 10 at the time) - Captain Britain was still good before he started going downhill in '77 (that long, dreary Red Skull story and the weekly going black & white etc) - also Christmas '76 was when I first saw King Kong on TV and the original 1936 Flash Gordon serial and a season of Johnny Weismuller Tarzan films. I missed the first two episodes of Flash Gordon and 'Tarzan's New York Adventure' because they were shown on the morning of December 20th which was the last day of school - I still haven't seen that Tarzan film to this day.

Kid said...

I've got it on DVD, CJ. (Evil cackle!) Yes, I really have.

Phil said...

Ah the convoluted saga of Brian Braddock's sister. I know I posted a link about her history but honestly since I didn't read it in the comics myself I don't really understand it. I used to colour the black and white pages of the comic with my pencils .....

Kid said...

Sacrilege, Phil. Almost as bad as me cutting pictures out of my comics when I was younger. As for Betsy Braddock, I think I'd stopped reading the stories by then, so I haven't got a scooby about what's going on with her.

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