Sunday, 13 September 2015


"So what's unique about it?" you ask.  "Looks just like the
recent 50th Anniversary CORGI D.B.5 that you showed
on your blog back in March!" you say.  And you're right, it is -
but with one significant difference.  Allow me to recap.

The original gold coloured Aston Martin D.B.5 from 1965
was, as you know if you read my recent post, adapted from the
existing casting for Corgi's D.B.4, and was in 1.46 scale.  In 1968,
Corgi Toys created brand-new tooling for a more accurate model,
which was either in 1.43 or 1.45 scale (The GREAT BOOK Of
CORGI attributes both scales to the new release), around six
millimetres longer than its famous predecessor.

The new model had two extra features in addition to the
original three.  As well as the extending machine guns and over-
riders, bulletproof shield, and ejector seat, it also had revolving
number plates and rear tyre-slashers. In the '90s, Corgi re-issued
a very poor replica of this second model, advertising it in maga-
zines as "The original is back!"  It wasn't, and was vastly
inferior in ways too numerous to go into again.  ('Though
you can read all about it here if you're interested.)

Then, recently, they re-issued an improved version of the
1.43/45 scale car - except it was missing the rear tyre-slashers.
Guess what 'though?  I had a spare set from the '90s model, so I
unscrewed the base of the Anniversary re-issue and swapped the
rear wheels and axle with the tyre-slasher ones.  Interestingly, the
axle I removed was a solid version of the hollow one which had
housed the red slashers, so it seems obvious that they were
omitted in an attempt to keep costs down.

The result is that I now have a 'unique' 2015 Anniversary
edition of the '68 silver birch 1.43/45 scale model that nobody
else has - unless they did the same as me.  My original 1968 car
is still tucked away somewhere, but when I dig it out, I'll post a
pic of it alongside the one here, so that you can do a side-by-
side comparison.  Hey, generosity is my middle name.

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