Thursday, 24 September 2015


Images copyright MARVEL COMICS

A change of plan, Criv-ites.  I'd intended to complete this series
in two more parts (including this one), but there are so many images
that I've now decided to do it in four, so there'll be three more after this
post before we reach the end of the road.  RON WILSON was now the
penciller of CAPTAIN BRITAIN's adventures (and had been since ish
31), and the changeover from JOHN BUSCEMA wasn't immediately
obvious.  In fact, I didn't realize at first until I read it in the credits,
so well done Ron for maintaining the look of the strip.

Anyway, if you were around in 1977 and reading Captain Britain,
you now have the opportunity to relive happy days of yesteryear by
perusing these pandemonious pictures from the past.  Enjoy.

I remember looking at this page while sitting in the cafeteria on the top
floor of BAIRDS department store on a Saturday afternoon in 1977


Colin Jones said...

Although I had every issue of CB I've completely forgotten what was happening in the stories - but I well remember that FF story about the return of the Monster from The Black Lagoon where he's trying to get medicine to save his mate and then they fly off in their spaceship (see, I told you I remembered) - the spaceship looked like it was made of dried mud and certainly didn't look capable of withstanding the rigours of faster-than-light interstellar travel. Another thing that I'd totally forgotten about was the Spidey Team-Up strip in the pages of CB - I really hated the idea of forcing four strips into one comic and getting about 6 pages of story per issue, three strips per issue was just right.

Kid said...

Desperate times call for desperate measures, CJ. Marvel must've thought that four stories might attract more readers.

John Pitt said...

Well, I only bought one or two odd issues, which is why this series means so much to me. It's almost like being given the whole set!

Kid said...

Did you ever buy any of the Panini/Marvel Captain Britain softcover collections, JP?

John Pitt said...

Yeah, gottem all! Brilliant!!

Kid said...

Marvel U.S. also issued a giant-sized Omnibus Edition, JP. I didn't bother buying it, 'though, as I have the original comics and the 5 softcover books.

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