Saturday, 19 September 2015


Didn't we have it great back in the '60s?  Do you remember
the CENTURY 21 33 r.p.m. mini albums of various GERRY
ANDERSON puppet programmes that used to be on sale?  The
only one I ever actually owned at the time was INTRODUCING
CAPTAIN SCARLET, but I've picked up a few others over the
years, either in originals, cassette tape  re-issues in the '90s, or
CD facsimiles issued by FANDERSON.  Here are a few for
your perusal - enjoy the memories. 

And below is one of Fanderson's original productions.  If
you're interested in joining the club and gaining access to all
the goodies on offer, you can find a link in my blog list.


baab said...

Is Barry Gray wearing a pair of Joe 90 specs?

Kid said...

Actually, Baab, Joe 90 wore Barry's specs. Not a lot of people know that. (Mainly because I just made it up.)

Phil said...

So what does Marina say? Bloop?

Kid said...

"Glug glug!"

John Pitt said...

A beautiful array, Kid!
Wish I had them all!

Kid said...

So do I, JP, so do I.

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