Wednesday, 23 September 2015


A spectacular moment from SUPERMAN
The MOVIE back in 1978.  When I first saw this
scene in January '79, the cinema audience stood
up and cheered.  I think it still holds up pretty
well today.  What do you think?


Colin Jones said...

I have no memory at all of Superman coming out which I can only put down to me being a 100% Marvel fan so this film didn't register with me. I was reading only recently that if Lois lane had been caught like that in mid-air the force of her landing in Superman's arms would have been equivalent to her hitting the ground so she wouldn't have been saved. I know, I know - it's only a film :)

Kid said...

I suppose it depends on how far she fell, CJ, but I'm sure Supes would've been able to compensate for the force of her fall. Incidentally, look at the way he holds the helicopter - in real life, the 'runner' (or whatever it's called) would buckle because of the wait of the chopper.

Philip Guest said...

Always been a fan of the '78 SUPERMAN but even with my rose-coloured glasses of nostalgia removed, it stills holds up damn well today. The Krypton and Smallville sequences are nigh-on perfect. The campy comedy of the '60s BATMAN TV series does creep in a little bit in the last act but it's still good fun.

My biggest issue around the film is that Christopher Reeve wasn't nominated for a Best Actor Oscar. It's a tremendous performance and Reeve is completely convincing as both Kent and Supes.

Kid said...

Yeah, but as you'll know, PG, the Oscars committee wouldn't regard a movie about a long-underwear character as worthy of consideration. A shame for Chris, but he had the consolation of knowing that his film will stand the test of time.

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