Tuesday, 1 September 2015


Image copyright MARVEL COMICS

Before the SPIDEY poster seen in the previous post, there was
this one by Big JOHN BUSCEMA.  I'm uncertain as to whether both
were originally produced for a Stateside audience and then pressed into
service for British readers, or we got them first before they were made
available to U.S. Marvelites, but  I'm sure I saw them advertised in
the American mags at some stage.  Anyone know for sure?

"It's bigger than a bread-box!"


Paul McScotty- Muir said...

That really is a great wee poster - I don't think I ever saw this advertised in the US comics so it may well be a UK original (unless it was for an early comic con like the "Titans" one).

I didn't want to clip my MWOM comics and ruin them, a decision I'm happy I came to as I still have my original first 30 issues in pristine condition (not that the first 30 issues had coupons I think it was only here first 10 or so issues??). I always thought that poster was a combination of John Buscema's art and someone else's as the Hulks faces doesn't look to me to be the work of big Johns (though the pose does) - was this a cut and paste poster of characters from other comics the FF Tourch character looks familiar to me from a cover etc?

Kid said...

The Hulk's a little cross-eyed, but I think it's all Buscema's work - probably knocked it out in his lunch break, McS. I don't think it was a cut and paste, but I could be wrong. Yup, the first ten MWOMs had coupons - the last two were bonus ones for anyone who had missed an issue.

Unknown said...

I have a pristine copy of this poster and have had it professionally framed....it is a real beauty along with the original Marvel certificate of authenticity.

I purchased this on Ebay about 7 years ago in the original brown envelope for £90....i would not let it go for £900

Kid said...

I still have the brown envelope that came with the pristine one I have, but as far as I recall, it didn't come with a 'certificate of authenticity'. I'd assume that was added later by the seller.

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