Friday, 11 September 2015


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It seemed like a good idea at the time, but I don't know who'll
be more relieved when we get to the last part of this series - you
or me!  However, I've started so I'll finish.  Here's PEPITA from
PORTUGAL!  What I'd like to know is why they didn't do a
GORDON from GLASGOW - that would've been a hit!
(Well, it sure would've been with me!)

"This little boy is Gordon from Glasgow.  His daddy is the
leader of one of the City's razor gangs.  If you run a shop or
business, Gordon's daddy will pay you a visit with his associates
and kindly lighten the load in your till, wallet or safe.  For this,
you will receive protection from being robbed - by everybody
but Gordon's daddy and his team of vicious psychopaths.

There are six razors hidden in the picture.  Can
you find them?  (Better not grass to the police.)"


Christopher Sobieniak said...

What I'd like to know is why they didn't do a
GORDON from GLASGOW - that would've been a hit!

Will he had worn a kilt, you decide! ;-)

Kid said...

Oh no! Me no fan of kilty.

Paul McScotty- Muir said...

Lol very funny Kid :) - maybe he'd have worn a kilt way back then, nowadays it would be one of those awful Hoodies with mega baggy jeans (neds today have no style or class!)

Kid said...

Not like in the old days, eh, McScotty? Their shoes, like their razors, were always impeccably polished.

DeadSpiderEye said...

Yeah I went to Scotland for a holiday and there was only one person wearing a kilt the entire time I was there, a guy playing bagpipes, what's up with that? Apparently kilts went out of fashion in 1962 because of a shortage of ladies' bicycles.

I quite like this illustration, it's a play on a classic subject, although I think you'll find wellies are generally not preferred by fishermen, too much glug glug if you accidentally find yourself in the water.

The parody was very effective Kid, the chortles this end of the internet were quite loud. Now you're back in the game, you should submit it to Viz, with some of your excellent artwork of course.

Kid said...

And that guy in the kilt was probably a busking tourist, DSE. Thanks for the compliment, but I'm not really 'back in the game' - just circling around the edges. (And I don't think I'm RUDE enough for Viz. Cue someone saying "don't you mean good enough?")

Colin Jones said...

Kid, my mother once said to me " I was really disappointed when I met your father's family" so I asked why and she said "I thought they'd all be wearing kilts"..!! That would have been in about 1953 - she'd probably been looking at too many photos of the Royal Family at Balmoral. By the way, your Playmates feature is in the wrong order - at the bottom it says that next week there'll be one from Turkey but we had fez-wearing, rabbit-combing Abdul last time.

Kid said...

Actually, it was DCT that published them in the wrong order, CJ. That's the exact sequence they appeared in. And the 'Royal Family' aren't Scottish, remember. I bet they wear leeks when they go to Wales.

Colin Jones said...

Well, the Royal family are a mixture of Germans and Greeks but they live at Balmoral for several months of the year and wear kilts - but they only pop over to Wales for a brief visit now and then to open something, the "Prince of Wales" doesn't even have a residence in Wales.

Kid said...

In that case, being immigrants (and their offspring), they should open their many residences to their fellow (less fortunate) immigrants currently in the news.

IainM said...

Saw loads of kilties heading towards Hampden on my way home the other night. Had one once. Never wore it.

Dunsade Dave said...

I had a tin of sardines earlier today. No idea if they were caught by Pepita's sinisterly blank-eyed daddy, but fair play to the Senhor- anyone who can smile so cheerily while sitting in such an uncomfortable looking position is someone to be admired.

Kid said...

I was made to wear one as a kid, which is probably why I hate 'em, IM.


That dad looks more like a frenchman to me, DD.

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