Tuesday, 1 September 2015


Image copyright MARVEL COMICS

I've always loved this cover - ever since I first saw it on POW!
#10 in March of 1967.  Don't ask me to explain why - there's just
something about it that appeals to me in some strange, indefinable
way.  Several years ago, I bought a small DOCTOR DOOM figure,
which somehow reminds me more of STEVE DITKO's version of
the character as seen in this ish than it does of JACK KIRBY's.

And look - I've even included some photos to show you what
I'm talking about.  You don't get extras like this on other blogs,
let me tell you.  I think I deserve some kind of award.


Colin Jones said...

The Doc Doom model looks like he's saying "Cheers !" before downing the finest Latverian brandy from a jewel-encrusted goblet. I like the way he says "If even the Fantastic Four could not stop me..." on that Spidey cover - the FF DID stop him, they always do - the poor fellow is obviously deluded :)

Kid said...

Ah, but he always returns, CJ. In that sense, the FF can't, indeed, stop him. Doubtless that's what he's bragging about.

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