Friday, 11 September 2015


Little did I know back in June of 1971 that I'd be
moving to another house in a different neighbourhood a
mere year later.  At the time, the future seemed to stretch
out in front of me, eternal and unchanging to the familiar
present I then knew.  It was not to be.

KNOCKOUT lasted for two years, covering the last
year in my old house and the first year in my new one.
Strange, then, that apart from the 1972 Holiday Special
and '73 Annual (which came out in August or September
of '72), I associate the comic mainly with my former
abode, not its successor.

Anyway, above is the free 'shaking' skeleton given
away with #2, and below is the cover of the issue itself.
If you have any memories of this comic that you'd care
to share, then the comments section awaits.

And below is another version, given away with
a later IPC periodical - the Scottish edition of

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