Friday, 26 December 2014


Whose heart doesn't beat a little faster (if you're of a certain age)
at the sight of these delightful SMASH! Annual covers from back in
the 20th century?  It's scary to think that the first of them comes from
nearly 50 years ago, and the last of them a mere 9 years later.  To me,
it doesn't seem anywhere near as long as that, and if you owned these
books when you were a kid, I'm sure it's the same for you as well.

Just like the WHAM! Annuals, when first published, I never had
any of the ODHAMS Smash! Annuals either, although I did buy the
revamped IPC 1971 & '72 tomes at the time, and a friend gave me the
'74 book back in '82.  I've long-since acquired a complete set of all the
Annuals for Wham! and Smash! - and also POW! and FANTASTIC,
too.  (Lucky ol' me, eh?)  Not being the selfish type, I've decided to
share the covers with you all on this here blog thing of mine.

The Annual for '68 had a different back cover, so I've included
it so that you can read the comic strip continued from the front.  I've
included the soft-covered Smash Fun Book for 1971 (issued in '70),
which was perhaps intended as a 'transitional' stage between the old
and the new, so that readers who preferred the Odhams style could
have one last bite of the cake at the same time lovers of the 'new
direction' were being catered for in the Annual department.

I've shown these covers before of course, but not everyone can
be bothered trawling through the archives to see what they've missed,
so I hope I'll be forgiven for repeating myself.  Next time around, it'll
be a combined gallery of Pow! and Fantastic Annual covers!  So
keep these palpitating peepers of yours peeled in preparation!

The final Annual in the series was a soft-cover book


John Pitt said...

So pleased you're doing ALL the "Power" annuals, but I'm hoping to see if you show all 5 x #1's in a future gallery?

Kid said...

M'mm, I'm sure I answered your comment, JP, yet here it is on its own. Perhaps you said the same thing on two different posts, which has confused me?

John Pitt said...

You HAD answered it, Kid, - but on another post. I knew which comment you were referring to, so no worries!
I CRINGE at some of the mistakes ( and typos ) I have printed, but what the heck?!

Kid said...

I noticed that you'd made the same comment elsewhere after I'd typed the above, JP, so - as you say - no worries.

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