Friday, 28 December 2012


In the comments section of the previous post, someone asked to see
my collection of GERRY ANDERSON toys, so feast your eyes on a few
random photos of just some of my goodies.  Not shown are more recent
items, or books, records, annuals, comics, or my PEDIGREE CAPTAIN
SCARLET action figure.  (Got two - nyahh!)  First up, above, is me in 1968
with my STEVE ZODIAC & ZOONY on a jetmobile, plus my bendy
Captain Scarlet figure.  From the collection below, I have the boxes
and packaging for all but two of the items (the TB2 and FAB 1).

And finally, here's me again circa 1967, with my CENTURY 21
(J. ROSENTHAL TOYS) friction-drive TB1, which came in blue
with grey wings and grey with blue wings.  I had both colour variations
of this toy as a kid (at different times), plus the TB2 with a jeep in the
pod.  Handsome little devil, if I say so myself.  (Me, I mean.)


Dougie said...

I can remember wrapping my plastic Stingray toy in tinsel ( animated seaweed, you see!) in the first week of 1967, before my brother was born.

I also had plastic versions of Thuderbirds 1, 2 ( with a Mole machine that was broken when my granny trod on it), 3 and 5 ( which had multi-coloured, flashing lights). Never had a Thunderbird 4 though.

Next, the solid, die cast Dinky models from Capt. Scarlet: the pursuit vehicle and the white one ( which came with a plastic box of "gold" or possibly "uranium"). Wasn't so keen on them, especially the latter.

There may have been a green Joe 90 vehicle - I recall a membership card for WIN- but there definitely was a green Interceptor from UFO.

I would actually prefer to still have the Man from Uncle suitcase I got when I was very small.

Kid said...

I had two Stingrays as a kid: the Lone Star rubberband powered one, plus a bigger, dark blue one, with a yellow propellor. (Re-acquired the Lone Star version some years ago.)

The MSV (got two of them) is the white 'car', Dougie, standing for Maximum Security Vehicle. The little box has a radioactive label on the lid, so I'd guess it's meant to be uranium.

There was indeed a Dinky Joe's car, which was very much like the Vivid Imaginations diecast one from the mid-'90s (which I've got).

Talking of Man from U.N.C.L.E. suitcases, had one of those myself - still got a bullet from the gun, in fact. Somewhere on my blog is the contact details for acquiring a facsimile of the ID card, obtainable from the Radio Times back in '64/'65.

TwoHeadedBoy said...

Think I've still got that SPV somewhere (the side doors open with Captain Blue sitting inside).

No idea where all the Thunderbirds except for TB's 2 and 4 have gone to. Sigh.

Kid said...

THB, that's the Dinky SPV in the picture - you probably had one of the Vivid Imaginations ones. (Diecast - and Plastic.) It was Captain Scarlet who sat inside 'though.

steve said...

The stingray with a yellow propellor must have been the plastron toy.I remember seeing one on a shop display in 1964 priced 7/6d.I begged my parents to let me go fruit picking to earn some money to buy the stingray.I wasn't allowed to go and so never got the s tingray.Two years ago at a toy fair I saw one and had to have it.Although it cost me.£400 bit more than 7/6d

Kid said...

I believe it was Plastron - I got one for Christmas '65, but lost the propellor in a muddy 'pond' at the bottom of my street. Is there a picture of yours on the Moonbase Central blog?

steve said...

no ,I've never quite worked out how the modern technology of sending photo,s works.If you would like to see it I could ask one of my kids to send one to your site.Its got a reproduction with it.

Kid said...

If it's possible to do, that would be great. Ta.

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