Saturday, 22 December 2012


Copyright D.C. Thomson & Co., Ltd

As I predicted in my post on the last ever DANDY, D.C. THOMSON's have reprinted this collectors' item classic, which, as I type, is available in WH SMITH's (and also from EVENING TIMES vendors in Glasgow, apparently).  I think we can assume that some other outlets will likewise have copies.

The 2nd printing is a few millimetres longer than the 1st edition, and the cover-colouring on the facsimile of The Dandy #1 is slightly lighter, but whether this is to distinguish it from the earlier release or is simply down to the vagaries of printing is unknown (to me, at least).

It seems to me that DCT missed a trick by not printing variant editions; they should've issued one version with JAMIE SMART's cover on the front and another with KEN H. HARRISON's - then they'd have sold twice as many.  Even The RADIO TIMES is wise to this little marketing ploy.

Anyway, if you missed it first time around, you've now got another chance to acquire a copy.  Get down to WH Smith's today!

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