Friday, 14 January 2022


If you buy comics via ebay, I strongly suggest that you don't ever purchase anything from subcitycomicsireland - they're useless.  There are two shops in Ireland, but it's the one in Mary Street in Dublin - particularly their ebay side of things - that I'm referring to.  The guy I spoke to at the other, smaller, shop has tried to be helpful, so I'm not including them in my assessment, only the larger store.

Ordered a comic on 30th December, sat back and waited for it to arrive.  Estimated delivery date was between 5th and 11th of January, but comic never turned up.  Sent a few messages to enquire when it was sent, and after my fourth message and a report to ebay, received one in return saying that they'd forgotten about me and now couldn't find the comic.  Said they'd issue a refund (the work of moments), but I still haven't received it, despite repeated requests.

They've been a member of ebay since 2019, but so far have had only 49 sales (going by their feedback), which hardly suggests a screaming success.  If you were thinking of buying anything from them, I'd recommend that you think again.  Completely bloody clueless and incompetent if you ask me.  (Not that you did, so consider it voluntary.)

(Update: January 18th - just received my refund today, several days after being told I'd get one.  So let's recap, shall we?  Forgot my order, ignored repeated enquiries about it, and took almost a week to refund me.  Customer satisfaction doesn't appear to be a priority with them, does it?  Refund should have been immediate.  Far from impressive in my estimation.


Colin Jones said...

Kid, I assume the comic in question was Red Sonja #1?

Kid said...

Sure was, CJ, the second time a seller has taken my dosh then told me they can't find the comic. I've now managed to locate and buy another one, so let's hope it's third time lucky.

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