Tuesday, 3 September 2019



A few posts back, I said that the 14 issues (two of which are replacements for my originals) of ALAN CLASS comics I own are maybe all the issues I ever owned, but then I saw the above mag on ebay and it rang a bell with me.  I think (my memory having been prompted by the sight of it) that I also had this one too, so that's now 15 Alan Class comics in my possession, 12 of them my originals, 11 of which were returned to me by the person I gave them to over 30 years earlier.

This one's a little beauty, having as it does, two JACK KIRBY illustrated tales, two DON HECK ones, and five by STEVE DITKO.  The Kirby ones are I Am The GORILLA MAN! and The MAN From... TOMORROW!, the Heck ones I Know The POWER Of... The GENIE! and Only ONE Is HUMAN!  The tales drawn by Ditko are as follows:  I Was TRAPPED INSIDE Of The MARTIAN MAZE!, I Come From The SHADOW WORLD!, The FRIGHTENING FOG, Whose FACE Is In The MIRROR?, and The HAUNTED PAPER!  All that, as well as a two-page text story called "The EMPTY SEAT".  Now that's what you call value for money!

My original copy may have been priced at only 10 or 15p, but if so, that aside, my new replacement is exactly the same in every other way as the one I had back in the '70s.  It's also possible that my original copy was 20p, because when I bought them at 10p, they increased to 15p not very long after, so the next rise in price may have occurred within a similarly short period of time.  Anyway, having taken a look through it, I know I'm going to enjoy it whenever I get around to reading it.

Did you ever buy any Alan Class comics, Criv-ites, and if so, what are your memories of them?  Or maybe you even still have them - if so, which ones are your favourites?  Reveal all in the comments section why dontcha?!

(*Yes, it's a daft title, because you'd only be around to tell the tale if you'd lived.  Got your attention though, didn't it?)


McSCOTTY said...

I picked up loads of Alan Class comics back in the day , so many I couldn't tell you my favourite issue but I enjoyed the Tower comic reprints like Dynamo and No Man etc with Wally Wood, Ditko etc art . I am still after a Creepy Worlds comic that featured the early Avengers against the Masters of Evil (think that was what they were called) story as I have a vivid memory of my mum buying it for me around 1968/9 -I was expecting a Dandy comic or similar so was excited to get this.

Kid said...

The early Alan Class comics priced 1/- can be pretty expensive, PM, so I hope you can find the issue you're looking for at a reasonable price. I showed the splash page of that Avengers story only several posts back, don't know if you saw it. I think my first exposure to Tower's T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents was through the AC comics as well.

Paul Mcscotty said...

Yeah AC comics can go for some inflated prices imho. Issue 67 of Creepy Worlds (the one I'm after) is usually costly at over £20. I also enjoyed the AC reprints of Mighty comics, Fly, The Shield, Mr Justice etc, we were spoiled for choice back in the day re comics

Kid said...

I've seen the issue that contained FF #1 with an asking price of over a grand, which is ridiculous in my view as it's a reprint. There's one on ebay now with a starting bid of around £50, so it'll be interesting to see what it goes for.

McSCOTTY said...

£1,000 for an Alan Class reprint comic that is just ridiculous. I have a few 1/- AC comics so might see what I can get for them!

Kid said...

I've seen more than that being asked for it, PM, though I don't know if it's ever actually sold for that. Theres's another one on ebay just now for £600, and yet another for £826.85 - crazy money.