Thursday, 17 August 2017


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I've just read (or re-read, to be accurate) BLACK PANTHER #1 and discovered yet another KIRBY 'KOCK-UP'.  Read that introductory caption on the above double-page spread (click on the image to enlarge):  "His hand is stiffened in rigor mortis..."  According to what I've read on the subject (and different sources vary on the exact times), rigor mortis in humans usually starts within a few hours after death (though limbs are still movable), and is fully set after around 12 hours, though there can be variations dependent on room temperature, etc.  However, given the Panther's statement about the wound being "fresh" in the panel below, it couldn't possibly be rigor mortis, something you'd think Jack would've known.  But does it even matter, you ask.  Well, it does if you're looking for regular posts to read on this blog, effendis.  Okay, time for me to earn a No-Prize.  Residual energy from the brass frog's time travelling powers speeded up the body's decomposition, bringing on rigor mortis quicker than usual.  There!  Happy?  

You're right, T'CHALLA - it was inflicted only moments before.
That's why it couldn't be rigor mortis - until I gave you an 'out'

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