Saturday, 26 August 2017


Look at this little beauty - a 1/32 scale diecast model of the 1966 TV series BATMOBILE, manufactured by a company called JADA TOYS.  It's similar to the MATTEL ELITE version from 2009, but not quite as detailed, but at only £7.99 via eBay, plus £2.99 p&p (£10.98 in total), it comes in at quite a bit cheaper than the Mattel model (which I've also got).

Well, that's not quite true in all cases - it very much depends where you buy it from.  I've seen it advertised at various prices, ranging from around £18 right up to £40.  You can buy one from a seller in the States, going for a mere £5.24, but p&p is £41.54.  Then there's one from Australia, selling for (gasp) £31.13 - plus postage at a whopping £49.01.  I think some sellers just make their prices up as they go along.

So I was very lucky to get an absolute bargain from JACKSON MODELS & RAILWAYS, but I think I bought their last one.  Don't despair if you can't find one at a reasonable price, 'cos I've decided to share mine with you - even if it's only in the form of photos.  (I gave the car a wipe, but the second I placed it on the carpet it attracted a few specks of dust - try and overlook 'em.)  

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