Friday, 25 August 2017


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Something I never realised when I published my INDIANA JONES post the other day is the fact that I must've bought some of the early issues (around three, I guess) while I was living down in Buckland in Portsmouth in the early part of 1985, which was at the start of my freelance career.  I find it surprising that I associate this run with the house I was living in back home at the time, but none of them with my small (but cosy) bedsit room in Buckland.  I must've been buying them automatically and simply tucking them away, unread, in my suitcase for when I returned home.

In fact, 1st (maybe 2nd issue too) apart, I don't think I read any of the others, and it was only two nights ago that I sat down to read all eleven issues - plus the recently acquired Christmas Special - of Indy's short-lived British monthly magazine.  I only managed to obtain numbers 6 11 in the last couple of years, and, 33 years after the series was first published, I've finally gotten around to reading them all.  Spooky or what?  Some of the spelling amendments (color to colour, etc) are extremely clumsily executed, and the typeset lettering on the covers is boring as all get out, so maybe that's why the mag failed to maintain an audience.  It could've (and should've) been a lot more exciting looking, though I do like the first cover, which is the one I mostly remember.

Anyway, it's a good feeling to be able to wipe away 33 years of one's life and return to an earlier time, even if it is only a temporary sensation and the 'deleted' years return in very short order.  And, because I needed to write about something in order to give all you pantin' Criv-ites something to read, I thought I'd share my imaginative impressions of so long ago with the rest of you.  Ain't you lucky?!

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