Thursday, 10 August 2017


LINDA THORSON stands beside the
telephone, trying to make up her mind.  Should
she call me or not?  Yes, no, yes, no - she's doing
her best to resist, but so potent is my manly-man
sex appeal that she's bound to cave in and 'phone.
And there's my telephone ringing now - what
did I tell you?  She loves me to bits.


Phil S said...

It was a contractor trying to sell you a new boiler wasn't if

Kid said...

Okay, I admit it - it was THAT time. But she rang me right after and wanted to know why my line was engaged. When I told her it was about my old boiler, she nearly hung up 'cos she thought I was saying I was married. She soon calmed down when I explained and she brought over a fish supper for me. (And to think that some people say I have no imagination.)

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