Thursday, 17 August 2017


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Another two TRUE BELIEVERS issues for you, frantic ones.  I still have the original comics I bought back in the mid-'70s, so I'll have to dig them out and compare them for my own amusement when I have the time. The ETERNALS was (sort of) MARVEL's answer to DC's NEW GODS, and it lasted 8 issues and an Annual longer than its competitor's 11 ish run, both series, of course, being by the same creator - JACK (King) KIRBY.  More covers in this current series of reprints coming soon!  Available from wherever great comicbooks are sold.   

This series was originally called RETURN OF THE GODS, and an
ad with that title on the cover appeared in various Marvel comics


Dave S said...

I read both of these stories in the late 80s - the Black Panther story was reprinted in a black and white Marvel UK comic (I think it was called Marvel Spectacular...?) that I bought in a second-hand bookshop which had thousands of old British comics that they sold at dirt cheap prices (I bought the first issue of Doctor Who Weekly in there about 1989 for 10p!).

I found the King Solomon's Frog story quite baffling, but much preferred The Eternals #1, I bought the original US comic in the same shop and thought it was fantastic - it set me off on a quest to read as much Erich von Daniken as I could!

Nice that Marvel are making these old stories available in an affordable format.

Kid said...

I've got that U.K. comic as well - featured it on the blog two or three years ago in a cover gallery, DS. Kirby really wasn't breaking any new ground with The Eternals, being clearly 'inspired' by Von Daniken type books, which were all the rage back then. Of course, he put his own spin on it, but when I re-read the series a couple or so years back, I found it a very dry read - especially the Annual.

Dave S said...

I find a lot of stuff that Kirby scripted very dry, while he created so many incredible ideas and visuals, dialogue didn't seem to be his strong point. Interesting to ponder what the Eternals, New Gods or Devil Dinosaur would have been like had Stan Lee collaborated on them.

Kid said...

They'd have been a more entertaining read, that's for sure, DS. Even JK's better dialogued comics usually takes me a couple of pages to adjust to his idiosyncratic writing-style. Jack tended to explain things through captions, Stan often did it with the dialogue.

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