Saturday, 27 October 2012


Continuing our occasional series of DEAN WHITE's painted
extravaganzas for the softcover editions of MARVEL MASTER-
WORKS, here's Dean's version of JACK KIRBY's illustration for
THE INCREDIBLE HULK #1. I happen to think that Dean's ren-
ditions of these classic covers are pretty durn hot, but, surprisingly
 there hasn't been much (if any, in fact) comment, either for or against
them, on the previous entries in the series. Don't be shy - let every-
 one know what you think of these powerhouse paintings NOW!  


Comicsfan said...

If you think about it, White's painting "solves" the initial gray/green Hulk discrepancy, at least at this stage. With his use of shadowing, the Hulk pictured on the cover could very well be green. (Though unfortunately that wouldn't be able to account for the issue's interior!)

Kid said...

True - although it's a 'discrepancy' that was addressed nearly 30 years ago now, when it was decidided to retroactively embrace the Hulk's initial gray colour into then-current continuity. (Up until then, as you'll, know, it was simply ignored as if it had never happened, and reprints of the origin tale were recoloured.) I wonder how readers reacted to the switch in colours back in the '60s?

Comicsfan said...

Perhaps the reaction was mitigated by the Hulk's shade of coloring fluctuating throughout the first couple of issues (as Stan Lee notes in his comments in Origins of Marvel Comics. I think what stands out in the minds of most readers is the image from the cover of the first issue, which pigeon-holes the coloring of the character for all intents and purposes. I'm glad the coloring was incorporated into later stories; in fact, I was a real fan of Mr. Fixit. :)

Kid said...

Although I believe his colour fluctuated only in #1, and it's to that issue Stan was referring in Origins. I think they handled Hulkie's switch to green in #2 without a problem. As for Mr. Fixit, I liked these tales myself. In fact, I preferred the Hulk's persona as it was depicted in #s 4 & 5 of his original series. I don't know what they're doing with him today - I lost interest a few years back.

Dougie said...

I think the paintings make raw 60s Kirby accessible to modern tastes in a respectful way although I prefer the originals.

I had forgotten I'd read this book a year or two ago. You can see how uncertain they were about what direction to take the Hulk. The strip flails around until it returns as a Ditko spy thriller cum cliff-hanger serial -in one episode quite literally so

Kid said...

I think that's perhaps overstating the case, Dougie. In issue #3, Lee and Kirby played with the idea of the Hulk being a mindless monster who was under Rick Jones' control, but that apart (the idea was reversed in the next issue), the rest of the original run were pretty(ish) consistent in their portrayal of ol' Hulkie.

Hulk #5's the one for me 'though.

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