Sunday, 21 October 2012


You lucky peeps, you!  Here's part three of the British Hulk,
otherwise known as The MISSING LINK, who thrilled readers (in
one incarnation or another) for 51 instalments (and a complete tale in
one of three Annuals) back in 1967/'68 in the pages of FANTASTIC,
published by ODHAMS PRESS.  With great art by LUIS BERMEJO
and written by ALF WALLACE (so I'm told), this was one of the
highlights of U.K. comic periodicals back in the '60s.

And the best is yet to come, frantic one, when our likely lad
Linky transforms into a genuine MAN Of TOMORROW, com-
plete with - but hold on there!  Let's not get ahead of ourselves and
spoil the surprise for those who are experiencing this strip for the
very first time.  We'll get there soon enough, so, for the moment,
all together now - "LINK IS BIG! LINK IS STRONG!"

For Part Two, click here.  For Part One, click here.

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