Friday, 11 August 2017


Behave yourselves - of course I never met the man.
However, I did once present a prize of a DAVID BOWIE
LP to a lucky raffle winner (who, as you can see, is clearly en-
thralled by my 'electrifying' manly-man charisma) at a charity
night at a local hotel back in November 1986.  This came about
because my town's newspaper had recently published an article
on me freelancing for 2000 A.D., and the organiser considered
me a close enough approximation of a minor local celebrity for
him to invite me to present a prize.  Yes, he was clearly
scraping the bottom of the barrel.  (I said it first.)

Also present were footballer ALLY McCOIST, and a
couple of glamorous models, one whose name was, I think,
CATRINA GARRITY, though I may be wrong about that.
I've included the models anyway, 'cos I know you'd all rather
see two leggy burds than make yourselves jealous looking at
my hirsute handsomeness.  (The blonde woman was part
of hotel management, but I don't know her name.)

Hell's bells - that was over 30 years ago, yet it seems
like only last week to me.  Wish my beard was that colour
nowadays when I let it grow, and I wish my stomach was
as flat as it was back then.  Ain't getting old a bitch?!


Vince and Siv said...

I was next to him once at Singapore airport, he was with his wife Iman, and I kicked myself afterwards for not saying 'what was it like seeing your wife turn into William Shatner?' (Star Trek: The Undiscovered Country).

Kid said...

He'd have been thrilled, surely. Who doesn't love William Shatner? (Apart from George Takei and James Doohan.) I know William Shatner does.

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